History According to Bob


This Cd has 39 shows covering the entire period from 1814 through the end of the War of 1812. This Cd has over 6 and ½ hours of shows covering such topics as Battle Lundy’s lane, Battle Plattsburg. Burning Washington, Fort McHenry, Battle of North Point, Indian Wars, Peace Talks, Treaty Ghent, Three Battles of New orleans, Hartford Convention and much much more. The shows are all numbered in the order they were shown on History According to Bob so you could just turn this CD on and listen to the entire end of the War of 1812 as it passes into history. These shows have had the “So I hope you enjoyed that” mantra edited out but will still have the list of sources for the podcast

1814 THROUGH 1815

01. Chronologyof War 1814
02. Situation 1814
03. North Front Jan to June
04. Bat Chippewa
05. Bat Lundy's Lane
06. Bat Fort Erie
07. Road to Plattsburg
08. Bat Plattsburg
09. Chesapeake Campaign
10. Bat Bladensberg
11. Fall Washington
12. Brit Move on Balt
13. Bat North Point
14. Fort McKenry P1
15. Fort McKenry P2
16. Fort McKenry P3
17. War in the South
18. Indian War 1812 P1
19. Creek War P1
20. Creek War P2
21. Great Chase
22. Bat Horseshoe Bend
23. Indian War 1812 P2
24. Peacetalks After Wash
25. Peacetalks After Balt
26. What To Do Next
27. Treaty of Ghent
28. Jackson Attacks Pensacola
29. Brit Plans for Gulf
30. Jackson Prepares N.O.
31. Brit Move on N.O.
32. First Bat New Orleans
33. Pakenham in Command
34. 2nd Bat New Orleans
35. Final Brit Prep
36. Final Bat New Orleans
37. End War 1812
38. Financial Military Crisis
39. Hartforf Convention
40. AM Conseqences War 1812