History According to Bob

Set J - Volumes 37, 38, 39, 40

SET J has over 24 hours of shows covering all podcasts from September 2009 through March 2010 from History of the Pentagram, Battle of Trafalger, St.Valentines Day Massacre, Cesare Borgia,Cicero, Gyda, Desertion in the Civil War,Battle of Austerlitz, over 20 different Assassin Biographies,Battle 2nd Bull Run,Alcatraz, Artemesia, Battle of Antietam and much much more. In all there are 157 shows in mp3 format on this disk.
CD Set

Podcasts in this set:
Volume 37 Podcasts
1.2nd Bull Run Part1
2.2nd Bull Run Part 2
3.3rd Italian War Part 5
4.4th Italian War Part 1
5.4th Italian War Part 2
6.4th Italian War Part 3
7.5th Italian War Part 1
8.5th Italian War Part 2
9.5th Italian War Part 3
10.6th Italian War
11.7th Italian War Part 1
12.7th Italian War Part2
13.7th Italian War Part 3
14.7th Italian War Part 4
15.7th Italian War Part 5
16.8th Italian War Part 1
17.8th Italian War Part 2
18.8th Italian War Part 3
19.8th Italian War Part 4
21.America & Cuba Before 1898
22.July 1862
23.August 1862 Part 1
24.August 1862 Part 2
25.October 1862
26.November 1862
27.December 1862 Part 1
28.December 1862 Part 2
29.January 1863
30.February 1863
31.March 1863
32.April 1863
33.American Imperialism to 1898
34.Antietam Part 1
35.Antietam Part 2
36.Antietam Part 3
37.Antietam Part 4
38.Antietam Part 5
39.Antietam Results
Volume 38 Podcasts
1.Assassin Bastien-Thiry
2.Assassin Lucheni
3.Assassin Barraza
4.Assassin Bogrov
5.Assassin Castel
6.Assassin Ching
7.Assassin Ching-Ko
8.Assassin Dingane
9.Assassin Fitzurse
10.Assassin Hodel & Nobiling
11.Assassin Frizer
12.Assassin Felton
13.Assassin Mercader
14.Assassin Otho & Marcia
15.Assassin Queen Victoria 1
16.Assassin Queen Victoria 2
17.Assassin Rosamund & Elfrida
18.Assassin Sexby
19.Assassin Perovskaia
20.Assassin Villain
21.Austrian Trap Set
22.Back to Gaul
23.Battle Austerlitz 1
24.Battle Austerlitz 2
25.Battle Austerlitz 3
26.Battle Austerlitz 4
27.Battle Fredericksburg 1
28.Battle Fredericksburg 2
29.Battle Pavia
30.Battle Stone River 1
31.Battle Stone River 2
32.British Sailors 1
33.British Sailors 2
34.British Sailors 3
35.Bugsy Siegal
36.Caesar 60 BC
37.Caesar Aedile
38.Caesar & Pirates
39.Caesar Court Advocate
40.Caesar, Crassus, Spartacus
Volume 39 Podcasts
1.Caesar & Sulla
2.Helvetti Part 1
3.Helvetti Part 2
4.Caesar Landlaw Part1
5.Caesar Landlwa Part 2
6.Caesar Praetor
7.Caesar Proconsul
8.Caesar Questor
9.Caesar Vs Germans
10.Caesar Helvetti Part 1
11.Caesar Vs Helvetti Part 2
12.Causes Spanish Am War
13.Cesare Borgia
14.Chancellorsville Part 1
15.Chancellorsville Part 2
16.Chicago Crime 1890
17.Cicero Part 1
18.Cicero Part 2
21.Continental System
22.Cuba 1795 to 1860
23.Desertion In Civl War
24.Detective Petrosino
25.Drive to Vienna
26.Francois Damien
27.Gallic Military
28.German Landsknechts
29.Grand Armee Part 2
30.Grand Armee Part3
31.Grand Armee Part 4
32.Grand Armee Part 5
34.Hearth Witch
35.Hst. All Saints Day
36.Hst. Christmas
37.Hst. Christmas Tree
38.Hst. Day of the Dead
Volume 40 Podcasts
1.Hst. Pentagram
2.Hst. Santa Part 1
3.Hst. Santa Part 2
4.Irene of Byzantium
5.Kc Massacre Part 1
6.Kc Massacre Part 2
7.Mehmet Agca
8.Napoleon Reacts
9.Napoleon Reorganizes 1806
10.New Rival
11.Odd Crime Control
12.Overview 1809
13.Overview 1863
14.Overview Assassins
15.Overview Spanish Am War
16.Pompey Part 1
17.Pompey Part 2
18.Pompey Part 3
19.Prussia Acts
20.Prussia After Austerlitz
21.Prussia Mobilizes
22.Results Italian Wars
23.Roman Territory 70 BC
24.Rome Vs Gaul Chronology
25.St. Valentines Day Massacre 1
26.St. Valentines Day Massacre 2
27.The Grand Armee Part 1
29.Trafalgar Part 1
30.Trafalgar Part 2
31.Trafalgar Part 3
32.Trafalgar Part 4
33.Trafalgar Part 5
34.Treaty of Madrid
35.Ulm to Durrenstein
37.Vlada Cherozamsky