History According to Bob

Russo-Japanese War

This CD has over 5 hours of shows including one visual podcast and a powerpoint presentation on the Russo-Japanese War. An extensive background leading up to the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 is included as well as an overview to the advantages and disadvantages of each sides army and navy. Other topics Battle of Mukden, Battle of Tsushima, Battle of 174 Meter Hill and others. The shows are arranged in chronological order. The Visual podcast is a tour of the surviving Battleship Mikasa. All shows are in mp3 format except the one visual podcast, which is a mp4.

Russo-Japanese War
1. Rus-Japanese War Background 1
2. Rus-Japanese War Background 2
3. Rus-Japanese War Background 3
4. Sino-Japanese War P1
5. Sino-Japanese War P2
6. Boxer Uprising P1
7. Boxer Uprising P2
8. Rus-Jap War Begins
9. Russian Army 1904
10. Japanese Army 1904
11. Rus-Japanese War Chronology 1904
12. Rus-Japanese War Chronology 1905
13. Rus-Japanese Navies 1904
14. Weapons Of Rus-Japanese War
15. Battle Port Arthur
16. Battle Chemulpo
17. Battle Yalu River
18. Battle Nanshan
19. Battle Te-Li-Ssu
20. Battle Yellow Sea
21. Siege Port Arthur P1
22. Bat. Orphan Hill/174 Hill
23. Battle Liao-Yang P10
24. Battle Liao-Yang P2
25. Siege Port Arthur P2
26. Bat Shaho/203 Hill
27. Fall Port Arthur
28. Battle Mukden P1
29. Battle Mukden P2
30. Battle Tsushima P1
31. Battle Tsushima P2
32. Treaty Of Portsmouth
33. Rus-Japanese War Powerpoint
34. Visual Podcast Mikasa