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History Of Prussia Vol 1

History Of Prussia Vol 1 covers the ancient area of Prussia and how the Teutonic Knights moved in to claim it. CD has 22 shows running almost 4 hours. Topics include; Frederick II, Invasion of Samlang, Organization of the Tuetonic Knights, Herman von Salza, Konrad I of Masovia, Great Prussian Revolt and much much more.

History Of Prussia Vol 1
Origin To Fall Of The Teutonic Knights

1. Overview
2. Old Prussia P1
3. Old Prussia P2
4. Hst Teutonic Knights
5. Teutonic Knight Organization
6. Herman Von Salza
7. Konrad I Of Masovia
8. Ferderick II P1
9. Ferderick II P2
10. Women Of Ferderick II
11. Ferderick II P3
12. Ferderick II P4
13. Ferderick II P5
14. Prussian Crusade 1206-1226
15. 1st Prussian Campaign 1230-1240
16. 1st Prussian Revolt 1242
17. Invasion Of Samland
18. Great Prussian Revolt 1260-1274
19. Consolidation Of Old Prussia
20. Poland And Lithuania And Money
21. Decline Of The Teutonic Knights
22. Fall Of The Teutonic Knights