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Notorious Women Vol. 2 CD

This CD the 2nd in the Notorious woemn series has 23 podcasts on people such as Anne Bonny the pirate to Josephine Baker and the Courtesans of Venice. It is a broad look at notorious women from many eras. This CD has over four hours of podcasts and 1 video podcast on Chenonceau that goes with the Diane of Poitier podcast. This CD is in alphabetical order.

Notorious Women Vol. 2 Podcasts
1. Abelard and Heloise
2. Anne Bonny
3. Anne De Lenclos
4. Barbar Villers
5. Bell Pearl
6. Belle Starr
7. Benito and Friends
8. Brunhilde
9. Courtesans of Venice
10. Demi-Mode
11. Diane of Poitier
12. Duchess of Alba
13. Emile De Chatelet
14. Josephine Baker
15. Kate Summersby
16. Lola Montez Part 1
17. Lola Montez Part 2
18. Louise De Kerouaille
19. Mistress Jane Digby
20. Mistress Marie Duplessis
21. Pirate Mary Reed
22. Sally Hemings
23. Tennessee Clafin
24. Chenonceau Video Podcast