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Kings and Queens of Napoleonic Europe

This CD has over 4 and 1/2 hours of shows including two visual podcast on all the Emperors,Czars, Kings and Queens of Napoleon Era. 20 different mp3 shows and two shows in mp4 which are visual podcasts, one on the major countries and one on the minor countries. Topics range from Vzar Paul to Alexander I's women to the Kings of Sweden and others such as the Murats, George III. All shows are in mp3 format except the two visual podcasts which are mp4.

Kings and Queens of Napoleonic Europe
1. Czar Paul I
2. Women Of Czar Paul I
3. Czar Alexander I Part 1
4. Czar Alexander I Part 2
5. Czar Alexander I Part 3
6. Women Of Czar Alexander I
7. Emperor Francis I Austria
8. King Frederick William III Prussia
9. King George III Part 1
10. King George III Part 2
11. King George III Part 3
12. Swedish Kings 1792-1818
13. King Charles IV Spain
14. King Ferdinand VII Of Spain
15. Joseph Bonaparte King Of Naples And Spain
16. King Ferdinand I Of Naples
17. Queen Maria Carolina Of Naples
18. Joachim Murat King Of Naples
19. Jerome Bonaparte King Of Westphalia
20. Louis Bonaparte King Of Holland
21. Visual Podcast Kings And Queens Of Major Powers
22. Visual Podcast Kings And Queens Minor Powers