History According to Bob


This CD has 25 shows covering the early stages of the Mexican War. This Cd has almost 4 hours of shows covering the causes, the long attempts at negotiation prior to the wars outbreak, Mexicab Problems, American Problems, Battle Palo Alto, Battle Resaca de la Palma, American War Aims and much , much more. The shows are all numbered in the order they were shown on History According to Bob so you could just turn this CD on and listen to the entire Crimean War as it passes into history. These shows have had the “So I hope you enjoyed that” mantra edited out but will still have the list of sources for the podcast.


01. Overview Mexican War
02. Chronology Mex War
03. Causes Mexican War P1
04. Causes Mexican War P2
05. Causes Mexican War P3
06. March to Mexican War P1
07. March to Mexican War P2
08. March to Mexican War P3
09. March to Mexican War P4
10. March to Mexican War P5
11. Mexican Issues
12. American Issues
13. Gen Taylor on the Move
14. Deserters and Diggers
15. Fighting Begins
16. Attack on Fort Texas
17. Prelude to Palo Alto
18. Battle Palo Alto
19. American Reinforcements
20. Battle Resaca De La
21. US Declares War Part 1
22. US Declares War Part 2
23. Pres Polks Strategy
24. New Command Structure
25. War Aims