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Merovingian Franks CD

This CD covers the Franks from their arrival in on the scene to the final fall of the Merovingian kings to the Carolingian Kings rise to power. Clovis, Charles Martel, Battle of Tours are all here as well as Brunhilde and Fredegunde. This cd has 25 podcast for a total of almost 5 hours and are in broadcast order. So you can just put this disc in and in about 5 hours traveled in order through the history of the Merovingian Franks.

Merovingian Franks Podcasts
1. Franks Arrive
2. Historical Sources
3. Gregory Of Tours
4. Legendary Frankish Kings
5. Merovingian Military
6. Childeric
7. Clovis
8. Children Of Clovis Part 1
9. Children Of Clovis Part 2
10. Children Of Clotaire Part 1
11. Children Of Clotaire Part 2
12. Chilperic's Wives
13. Brunhilde
14. Guntram
15. Clotaire II
16. Dagobert
17. Dagobert's Children
18. Dagobert II
19. Children Of Clovis II
20. Charles Martel Part 1
21. Battle Tours
22. Charles Martel Part 2
23. Theuderic's Descendants
24. Last Merovingians Kings
25. Franks Video Podcast