History According to Bob


This CD has 36 shows that cover the Russian Campaign of 1812. This CD has over 6 hourss of shows. Some of the topics are the Russian War Preparations, Napoleons Planning, all the battles, the Burning of Moscow, the Retreat, Neys Miracle, General Elbes Miracle, Aftermath of the Campaign and a whole lot more. The shows are all numbered in the order they were shown on History According to Bob so you could just turn this CD on and listen to the entire Russian Campaign as it passes into history. These shows have had the “So I hope you enjoyed that” mantra edited out but will still have the list of sources for the podcast.


01. Rus-Fr Relations 1807-11
02. Rus Relations Worsen
03. Rus War Prep
04. Fr War Prep P1
05. Fr War Prep P2
06. Rus Strategic Plan
07. Rus Geography
08. Nap Operational Plan
09. Invasion of Russia
10. To Vilna
11. March to Vitersk
12. After Vitersk
13. Smolensk Maneuver
14. Bat Smolensk
15. Aftermath Smolensk
16. Decision on Moscow
17. Kutusov Takes Charge
18. Bat Borodino P1
19. Bat Borodino P2
20. Aftermath Borodino
21. Kutusov and Moscow
22. On to Moscow
23. Burining of Moscow
24. Situation After Fall Mos
25. Nap in Moscow
26. Retreat from Russia P1
27. Retreat from Russia P2
28. Retreat from Russia P3
29. Neys Miracle
30. Fall Minsk
31. On to Brisov
32. Gen Elb's Miracle
33. Retreat to Vilna
34. Fomal Withdrawal from Rus
35. Afterman Rus Campaign