History According to Bob

Rise of Islam and the History of the Crusades

This CD has over 6 hours of information on the Crusades including a detailed account of the Muslim Religion. There are 27 different topics covering the major Crusades from the First Crusade through to the Eight crusade and the fall of the Latin Kingdoms. There is also a video podcast on medieval armor. The shows are in chronological order.

Rise of Islam and the History of the Crusades Podcasts
1. Early Arabian Religion
2. Life Of Mohammed
3. Islamic Religion
4. Muslim Sects
5. Dome Of The Rock
6. Church Of Holy Sepulchre
7. Muslim Control Of The Holy Land
8. Crusade Reasons
9. Crusader Privileges
10. First Crusade Part 1
11. First Crusade Part 2
12. Second Crusade
13. Third Crusades
14. Saladin
15. Berengaria Of Navarre
16. The Fourth Crusade
17. Pope Innocent III
18. Children’s Crusade
19. Fifth Crusade
20. Sixth Crusade
21. Seventh Crusade Finances
22. Seventh Crusade
23. Eighth Crusade
24. Fall Latin Kingdoms
25. Crusades Results
26. Muslim Dynastys
27. Video Medieval Armor