History According to Bob

Cold War Vol. 2

This CD has 25 different shows.  Some of the shows include Strategic & Tactical Nukes, Bomber Missle Gap, Cold War Paranoia plus much, much more.

Cold War Vol. 2
Cd comes with Cold War cracker like the other.
1. Failsafe Chicago
2. Intro to the Cold War
3. Know Your Bomb
4. Strategic & Tactical Nukes
5. Davy Crocket the Nuke
6. Effects of the Bomb
7. The Nuclear Club
8. Britian and the Bomb
9. France and the Bomb
10. Cold War Paranoia
11. Civil Defense
12. Fallout Shelters and Water
13. Fine Dining in a Shelter
14. Public Fallout Shelter Planning
15. Rural Civil Defense Youth Program
16. Fallout on the Farm
17. Home Preparedness Award
18. Triad and Defense
19. Mars Bluff
20. Bomber Missile Gap
21. Fallout from Nuclear Testing
22. Legacy of Fallout
23. Words that Define Cold War
24. Cold War Documents
25. Chess, Poker and Dominoes