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Aztecs and Northern Mesoamerica CD

This CD covers the arrival and background to the major tribes that inhabited north Mesoamerica(Mexico) without the Yucatan. There are a total of 19 podcast that total over four hours of listening. This cd is created with the podcasts in broadcast order so you won’t have to worry about getting lost with all the different tribes. The cd starts with a background to the development of mesoamerica and then goes chronologically through the rise and fall of various cultures such as the Olmecs, Toltecs and end with the Aztecs .

Aztecs and Northern Mesoamerica
1. Mesoamerican Development
2. Olmecs
3. Mixtecs
4. Huastecs
5. Totonacs And Tarascans
6. Codexes Of Mexican History
7. Chichimecs
8. Aztec/Mexica Arrival
9. Toltecs
10. Mesoamerican Games
11. Mesoamerican Marriage Customs
12. Aztec Cosmology
13. Legend Of Quetzalcoatl
14. Aztec Government
15. Aztec Leaders
16. Aztec Coronation Ceremony
17. Aztec Festivals
18. Aztec Healing
19. Aztecs Vs Cortez