History According to Bob

American Revolution Vol 5

This Cd has 28 shows covering the entire period from 1778 through 1779 in the American Revolution. This Cd has over 4 and ½ hours of shows covering such topics asValley Forge, Clinton Takes Over, Battle Monmouth, Arrival of the French, John Paul Jones, Native Americans in the Revolution, British Strategy and the British move to the Southern Colonies. The shows are all numbered in the order they were shown on History According to Bob so you could just turn this CD on and listen to the entire Am Rev 1778 through 1779 as it passes into history. These shows have had the “So I hope you enjoyed that” mantra edited out but will still have the list of sources for the podcast

American Revolution Vol 5
1778 & 1779

01. Overview of 1778-1779
02. Valley Forge 1777-1778
03. British Command Change
04. Clinton Takes Over
05. AM Move to Monmouth
06. Battle Monmouth P1
07. Battle Monmouth P2
08. Arrival of the French
09. Newport P1
10. Newport P2
11. Newport Aftermath
12. Why did the French Help Us
13. Continental Navy
14. John Paul Jones
15. American Privateer
16. Royal Navy
17. Native AM in the American Rev P1
18. Native AM in the American Rev P2
19. Native AM in the American Rev P3
20. Am Peace Aims P1
21. Am Peace Aims P2
22. British Strategy 1779
23. Exped To Main and W. NY
24. Clark Exped 1778-1779
25. British Move South
26. Battle Kettle Creek
27. AM Counter Offensive
28. Seige of Savannah