History According to Bob


This CD covers the fighting from Lexington and Concord to the invasion of Canada. 33 shows for a total of over 6 hours of listening. Topics include; Lexington and Concord, Capture of Fort Ticonderoga, 2nd Continental Congress, Siege of Boston, Know Expedition, the Invasion of Canada and much much more.

1775 April Through December

1. Lexington Concord P1
2. Lexington Concord P2
3. Shot Heard Round The World
4. Lexington Concord P3
5. Back To Boston
6. America And Britain Compared
7. British Army Vs Americans
8. British And Hession Troops
9. American Rev Army
10. Overview 1775
11. British Response To Lex/Concord
12. Capture For Ticonderoga P1
13. Capture For Ticonderoga P2
14. Siege Boston April To June 1775
15. 2nd Continental Congress P1
16. 2nd Continental Congress P2
17. Olive Branch Petition
18. British Plans For Boston
19. Battle Bunker Hill P1
20. Battle Bunker Hill P2
21. Battle Bunker Hill P3
22. Battle Bunker Hill P4
23. Battle Bunker Hill P5
24. Battle Bunker Hill P6
25. Dr Joseph Warren
26. Invasion Canada P1
27. Invasion Canada P2
28. Invasion Canada P3
29. Invasion Canada P4
30. Invasion Canada P5
31. What If Invasion Canada
32. Siege Boston P1
33. Knox Expedition