History According to Bob

The Persian Wars


This CD has 27 podcasts that run over 3 hours.This CD has 9 shows that have never been broadcast either on itunes or put up on History According to Bob The CD covers everything from the battle of Marathon, Battle Salamis, Battle Plataea, Battle Thermoplyae, Burning of Athens, Persian Generals, Greek Army, Persian Army, Government of Athens, Government of Sparta, Government of Persia, Xerxes, Darius I and much much more. ALL CDs are in MP3 format.


The Persian Wars
1. Overview
2. Greek Citizenship
3. Government Of Athens
4. Athens Military Taxes
5. Government Of Sparta
6. Government Of Persia
7. Causes Of The Persian Wars
8. Persian Army
9. Greek Army
10. Miltiades
11. Battle Marathon
12. Darius I
13. Xerxes I
14. Queen Artemesia
15. Delphi Oracle
16. Battle Thermopylae
17. Leonidas And Pausanius
18. Ephialtes Traitor
19. Burning Of Athens
20. Trireme
21. Battle Salamis
22. Persian Generals
23. Salamis To Plataea
24. Battle Plataea
25. Themistocles
26. Results Persian Wars
27. Causes Peloponnesian War