History According to Bob


Cd Set

This is the complete 7 cd set on the History of Prussia from its barbarian beginnings to the fall of the 3rd Reich in 1945. This cd has over 40 hours of podcasts on the History Of Prussia from Barbarians to 1945 on 240 different podcasts. Some of the topics on this cd include; Old Prussia, Teutonic Knights, Ferderick II, Fall Teutonic Knights, Rise Brandenburg, Frederick the Great Elector, Cow War, Potsdam Guards, Great Northern War, Silesian Wars, Frederick II and Culture, Prussia After Austerlitz, Prussian Military Reform, Otto Von Bismarck, Prussian Military Reform, Danish War, Seven Week War, Franco-Prussian War, Unification of Germany, Germany and World War 1, Hitler in WW1, Versailles Treaty, Revolution in Prussia, German Government and Reparations, German Inflation 1923, Weimar Golden Age, Rise of Nazism to 1933(27 shows, Nazification of Germany(36 shows, Rise and Fall 3rd Reich(28 shows). Cd 5,6,7 have been edited of the end of podcast mantra but still have the sources but the cd's 1,2,3,4, still have the ending mantra on the shows. Normally the 7 cd's would cost $13x7=$91. But the COMPLETE 7 CD SET WILL COST JUST $70.