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Joan Of Arc Life & Legacy


This CD has 36 podcasts that run over 3 hours. The CD covers everything from Joans Birth to Joans Execution and everything in between; Childhood, Birth, Trial, Battle Patay, Battle Orleans, Capture, Coronation of the Dauphin, and much much more. ALL CDs are in MP3 format.


Joan Of Arc Life & Legacy
1. Overview Joan Of Arc
2. Joans Birth
3. Childhood
4. Road To Chinon
5. Meeting The Dauphin Charles
6. On To Orleans
7. Arrival At Orleans
8. Battle Of Orleans
9. After Orleans
10. Battle Of Patay
11. On To Reims
12. Coronation Of Charles
13. On To Paris
14. Attack On Paris
15. Joan Is Captured
16. Ransom
17. Trial Charges Against Joan
18. Trial
19. Execution
20. Aftermath Of Joan’s Execution