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Rise Of Augustus And The Fall Of Antony & Cleopatra


This CD has 36 podcasts that run over 5 AND 1/2 hours. The CD covers everything from Caesars Assassination,Rise of the 2nd Triumvirate, Battles of Philippi, Antony and Cleopatra meeting at Tarsus, Parthian Campaign, Antonyís Will, Donation of Alexandria, Antony and Cleo at Ephesus, Athens, Antioch ,preparation for the Battle of Actium, The Battle of Actium and Deaths Of Antony and Cleopatra and much much more. ALL CDs are in MP3 format.


Rise Of Augustus And The Fall Of Antony & Cleopatra
1. The Plot To Kill Caesar
2. Cassius And Brutus
3. Almost The End
4. Et Tu Brutus
5. Caesars Funeral
6. Over Rise Of Augustus
7. Before 2nd Triumvirate
8. 2nd Triumvirate
9. Liberator War
10. 1st Battle Philippi
11. 2nd Battle Philippi
12. Antony After Philippi
13. Cleopatra At Tarsus P1
14. Cleopatra At Tarsus P2
15. Octavian After Philippi
16. Octavian 40bc To 36bc
17. Octavian And Antony To The Parthian Invasion
18. Antony And Cleopatra In Antioch
19. Parthian Campaign
20. Aftermath Failed Parthian Campaign
21. Antonyís New Campaign
22. Donation Of Alexandria
23. OctavianíS Response
24. Antony & Cleo In Ephesus
25. AntonyíS Will
26. Move To Greece
27. Stay In Athens
28. Mobilization For Actium
29. Actium Prelim Part 1
30. Actium Prelim Part 2
31. Battle Actium
32. Flight To Egypt
33. Cleopatra Into Exile
34. Death Of Antony
35. Death Cleopatra
36. Octavian Takes Control